Hi, I’m INGRID RINCK, a self-made entrepreneur and CEO of Sensible Meals. I’ve been helping people eat healthier and achieve their weight loss goals since the young age of 15; that’s where my aptitude for physical health began. I’ve found that the key to client success is its balanced mix of clean, “diet” foods with comfort, “fun” foods at affordable prices. It’s about doing it right most of the time and having fun some of the time.

Through Sensible Meals, I have created more than 1,200 jobs in the workforce with 98 percent of the employees being women. An astounding 95 percent of them are mothers, with 75 percent of those employees being single moms. I was once a single mom on a limited income and I understand what it means to have support when you need it . People working for me believe in this business as much as I do.

Daily, I continue to try to find innovative ways to help struggling families, whether it be through nonprofit organizations like the Red Cross, American Heart Association, Type 1 diabetes or other charitable organizations. With direction from myself and my team we are able to boasts countless testimonials from clients, many who have faced challenges such as diabetes, PCOS and insulin resistance, and have tried every diet.

Sensible Meals now serves thousands of clients with nationwide shipping and local pickup locations in 10 cities including: Metairie, Mandeville, Slidell, Houma, Gonzales, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Westwego, Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi.

Every day I enjoy helping our local economy grow, all while booting self-esteem and shrinking waistlines! This blog is intended to share my life and I will be open and honest about everything from raising a family, to weight loss struggles, to owning a business. At times I may be blunt, even sarcastic, so please don’t let it offend you. I hope y’all find this blog entertaining and insightful and join me in the journey to finding out what the secret ingredient is to a successful business, and a happy, healthy life!