Winning at Thirty

By Simone Cavalier – Sensible Meals Ambassador


All this rain has me even more stoked to have my ass in the sand tomorrow for my 30th birthday. Bahamas bound in am with my sister! We haven’t had alone time together since before she had her kids nearly 10 years ago! When we started planning my 30th birthday getaway I wasn’t expecting the beach much less out of the country but I am so stinking excited to spend some alone time with her.

None of this would’ve been possible if it wasn’t for Sensible Meals. I was blessed with the opportunity to become an Ambassador for this company 2.5 years ago. At first I was very hesitant because I don’t consider myself a sales person and I never thought I could see myself trying to sell a product. But once I started the meals and saw my own progress I knew it was my calling and I wouldn’t be “selling” anything bc the product speaks for itself. I was a semester away from graduating from UL with my bachelors in Criminal Justice. You see, I’ve always saw myself working in the criminal justice field since my father and my uncle’s were police officers. I was swamped with having a new baby and trying to graduate but also still trying to lose weight, that’s when I found sensible meals.

Since becoming an ambassador I have accomplished so many things in my life that I’ve only dreamt of doing. Creating my own business, giving back to the community in many ways, becoming the top ambassador or the company, offering a free cardio class for the public, meeting hundreds of my clients over the past couple of years, having a helping hand in someone’s weight loss journey or even hearing the stories of the woman trying for years to get pregnant and then having a baby, being able to help with the bills, buy my husband a new truck, buy myself a new truck, help purchase a brand new camper, and take a couple of vacations as a family… The list goes on and on, I know I speak a lot about this program and I always will because it has blessed me in so many ways!! So thank you again sensible meals for making this trip possible for my 30th birthday.



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