My Sensible meals Journey

By Genie Bertrand – Sensible Meals Client

Alot of people see me and say my you’ve lost some weight! And ask all the time how!? Today I’m feeling really good about my health..

Since sensible meals my whole life changed. I feel so good about myself, confident. I’ve lost 40 pounds in a short few months and have learned how to keep it off for these last 1+ years.
To think I feel I’m at my best self at the age of 35 – 2 kids and a hysterectomy later..
I remember what started this them years ago was I had my yearly wellness bloodwork done as I waited for the results days later my doctors office called me at work telling me to go in asap my cholesterol was so high and triglycerides were even higher, she was so urgent about getting on medicine soon! That scared me to know once I’m on the medicine it’s expensive and forever.. So I didn’t go in.. I contacted a sensible meals distributor (Ashley Landry) and thought if she can do this I can! So I did! I started this mid November 2017 at 172 pounds and in 2 and a half months I was at my goal weight of 132. I’ve done my bloodwork again and everything is normal. Blew my docs mind because she was certain I needed medicine.

Every diet works.. I’ve tried several. This one works for me. When people ask me how I did it!? I just say I eat less! I’m cautious of the amount I eat. Simple! It took this one lady to create sensible meals to teach me this. The home cooked meals already prepared for me is so good. And helpful! I’ve been off for a while and portion myself. Every now and then I’ll sign up get my sensible meals so I can relax and not count my calories.
A year ago as I planned to have my hysterectomy due to medical reasons, everyone said I’ll gain the weight back because that just happens to women when their ovaries and hormones are changed.. I was scared.
Didn’t happen, was never even an issue. Knowledge is power, and I know what I need and what my body needs to stay healthy and thin! Not only has my body changed, my mind has changed I’m a different better me.
I love my sensible meals and will always be thankful for it!

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