Ladies Who Lunch

As you know, I am big on helping, encouraging, and building up the women around me. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to support other women in our community on any and all endeavors. Recently, I decided to start a non-profit organization called Leading Ladies League, in Mandeville and New Orleans, Louisiana. This organization is made up of successful, accomplished women who empower one another by giving back to local woman in the community. We stand behind Mahatma Gandhi powerful quote – “Be the change you want to see in the world” and are dedicated to bringing women together and helping change the lives of those in need.

I knew it was important as a working mother to see my girlfriends often and not lose out on quality female friendships, so I decided to host themed lunches where the attendees donate towards a specific charity.

As a female business leader and entrepreneur, I know that community is important, and I want to be able to provide other women with a dose of inspiration and motivation. As well as, the opportunity to network and find resources they might not have discovered otherwise. In less than a year, we grown over 100 women strong and have donated $15,000 to single moms in the area. I feel truly blessed to have such a tight group of determined, powerful, inspirational, and dedicated women I spend time with.

So, I’m sure your wonder what these luncheons entail. Well it not just a boring meeting where we discuss the main issues in the news today. We have fun too! Each woman gets to host her own luncheon and support the charity of her choosing. She is required to create her own theme from the venue, decorations and food choices. These intricate details give our get togethers that extra sparkle and make an event so much more special. As hostess, this gives us all the opportunity to develop better leadership and public speaking skills while showcasing our personalities and style!


To add a bit more fun and flare to these events I made it a requirement for each woman to wear a unique headpiece, called a fascinator. Each woman that has joined seems a bit confused when I mention the dress code. “What’s a Fascinator, where do I even find one of those?” A fascinator is a headpiece, or type of formal headwear worn as an alternative to a hat. They are usually large and decorative design attached to a band or clip. The last 2 I have used are the work of Stacey Dresser, Hat’itude of Houston! She is super helpful and provides custom fascinators at a great. If you get one custom made, it can really be a work of art and expression of your personality.

Many of the opportunities for women often come from other women, especially in a male-dominated fields. That is why I am grateful that we can encourage and help each other recognize our power and potential. Unlike brief social media interactions these luncheons are about personal connections, growth and long-term support. All the women who have joined work in different industries and professions. Some are entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, educators, employees and employers.

Some may have established careers while others are still working toward their career goals. What we all have in common is that we are like-minded individuals who strive to pay it forward and lift each other up.

This organization was specifically designed to promote positivity and growth in your life and the lives around you. I welcome any women interested in joining the organization and encourage them to share their knowledge and success with others.  Feel free to contact me for more information.

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