Inside The Industry: Meal Prep/Weight Loss

Inside The Industry: Meal Prep/Weight Loss

Sensible Meals

Ingrid Rinck, Owner & CEO

Just three years ago, local entrepreneur Ingrid Rinck launched a healthy meal service called Sensible Meals from her hometown on the Northshore. Within two years, she would find herself leading the fastest-growing and largest meal prep business in the United States. Based locally, Sensible Meals is proud to be shipping to clients nationwide. They offer the lowest meal prep prices and shipping rates in the entire U.S. allowing more people to experience the benefits of having their food prepared and portioned for them by professionals.

“Our growth has been so successful that we’ve expanded our kitchen space and staffing this year to keep up with demand,” says Rinck.

Sensible Meals’ key to client success is its balanced mix of clean, “diet” foods with comfort, “fun” foods at affordable prices. New Orleans red beans and rice is a staple and favorite item on their menu. The simple portion-controlled meals are made with fresh ingredients and are ideal for people with little time for meal planning and without the funds to hire a private chef. The program provides a lifestyle that’s both healthy and remarkably easy to maintain. With four different meal programs to choose from, clients can focus on what’s best for their weight and health goals. Take one look at the company’s social media pages and you can feel the excitement around this brand that is changing lives.

Sensible Meals is proud of its status as a majority female-run company, with women serving in the positions of CEO, head chef, and as 95% of its workforce. In 2018, the company looks forward to continued growth as it helps clients reach and maintain their goals.


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